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From industrial, to DIY crafts, to education, HomeandGardenHardware.com has you covered.

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“At Essential Hardware we come from humble backgrounds where we work hard and take care of our homes. We aren’t complicated people. We like having fun and helping others, we enjoy spending time with our families, and most of all we’re obsessive about doing more with less. It’s who we are – and now it’s how we do business.

In 2005 we began selling hardware and home improvement products online from our modest offices in the New York metropolitan area because as we worked on our own DIY projects we were finding the most incredible deals on brands we used every day. That success gave us the idea of one day building a single website where we could offer the essential tools and daily products people needed at the low prices we wanted, all in one place. That idea became EssentialHardware.com.” — Essential Hardware